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Fact of the Day:

March 14, 2012

WAX by Danielle

The wonderful benefit of waxing regularly is that the hair follicle will eventually give up growing a replacement hair.  Some people who have been waxed for years, experience only 20% hair re-growth.  You will get the best waxing results by waxing regularly.  After you’ve been waxed several times you will be able to gauge your hair cycles more and see what time frame is best for you.  Even though your hair growth will slow down and become sparser, it is still important to stay on top of your regular waxing sessions.  What you are doing to your hair with regular waxing, is training the hair not to grow back as abundantly or as thick.  Thus making your hairs finer and more sparse over time.  It will take some time, but you should begin to see a difference on your third or fourth waxing session.

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