Skin Care Tips :


Your face area includes your face + neck + décolleté.  It is recommended to cleanse and apply products on your entire face area, from forehead to chest.  These areas usually see the light of day together, therefor should be taken care of in a similar manner.

When cleansing and rinsing your skin, it is best to use warm to cool temperature water.  Hot water can dry out the skin more.  I understand that it may be convenient, but try not to cleanse your skin in the shower, the water is usually too hot.  If you do, rinse your skin once out of the shower with cool water before applying skin care products.

When applying creams, it is best to rub product into palms and then blot onto skin, as to not pull on the skin with a wiping motion.  If you need to wipe, just be gentle, especially around the eye area.

Always use a clean spatula or new Q-Tip when getting creams out of containers.  I recommend not using your fingers to keep your products as clean as possible.  This will help your products last longer, and not harbor bacteria.

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