EcoFresh Deodorant


Ecofresh  My favorite organic deodorant! Just 4 ingredients : organic coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder & bees wax. THAT’S IT! A little goes a long way, and lasts all day long – just $10! @goodearthsoap

Home Sick


Home sick the last two days get to rest and snuggle with this girl thank you to all my wonderful clients for your flexibility & understanding – you all are amazing

Sea Sponge


SEA SPONGE : For luscious lather, gentle cleansing and exfoliating, there is nothing better than a sea sponge. Unlike most sponges, the Urban Spa Full Body Sea Sponge is unbleached to retain its natural color and prolong its life. Soak with warm water and use with your favorite soap or body wash $15

Relaxing After Waxing


RELAXING AFTER WAXING : A wonderful selection of products, picked out by me & even packaged by me! Tea Tree Oatmeal soap is gentle and cleansing. Combined with the Bath Mitt helps to exfoliate your skin and release ingrown hairs. Finipil is an amazing moisturizer that helps heal and prevent skin irritation after your wax service. Sugar scrub is a gentle and moisturizing body scrub – great for the body! A wonderful gift for a friend or yourself. $42


Body Polish Kit


BODY POLISH KIT : Exfoliate. Energize. Refine. Pine body wash heals, hydrates, energizes & is antibacterial. Glycolic exfoliates, tones, tightens, brightens, stimulates collagen. A wonderful kit to use at home between waxing to keep your skin looking it’s best! $36



Liquid Hand Soap & Soy Lotion 50% off to help make room for a new local line! Liquid soap can also be used as a shower/bath gel, and soy lotion is great all over body (not just hands). Soap sale is $5 & lotion sale is $4!! An amazing price for great products!