We are required to put together a list of safety requests to reopen our shop.  This list isn’t meant to scare you, but rather help you feel more at ease when coming to see us for an appointment.  It is meant to help keep everyone safe, and is what is allowing us to reopen at this time.  If these requests make you feel at all uncomfortable, we understand if you would prefer to reschedule.  Without posting these requests, we would be unable to reopen and appreciate that you will do your best, as we do our best, to keep everyone safe and share a pleasant experience as comfortably as possible.

Just a gentle reminder, that if you do decide to see us for any service, that as you enter our shop you are accepting responsibility for any health risk you may encounter.  We will do our best to keep a clean shop space as per required regulations, and help protect you as we care for you throughout your service.  But staying home is always the best way to ensure ones own safety.  If you would prefer rescheduling to when you feel more comfortable, we would be happy to do that anytime for you.

We appreciate and encourage everyone to follow these guidelines.

Thank you for supporting us during this time, and we are so happy and grateful to be able to open our shop back up to you all again.

We’ve missed you!



The morning of your appointment please take your temperature and make sure it is not above 100.4 degrees.  If you are feeling sick or may be sick soon, let’s reschedule.

Please do not bring guests with you to your appointment, unless you need to accompany a child under 16 years of age.

When you arrive, please text us and wait in the atrium or nearby.  We are only allowing in one client each at a time, so after we have safely cleaned and are ready for your appointment to begin, we will invite you in.

It is required to wear a facemask before entering the building, we will also be wearing one.

Feel free to wash your hands before and/or after your service.  We will have hand sanitizer available for you to use throughout your time with us as well.

We will continue to wear a clean apron and continue to offer clean linens for you during our service together.  These items are replaced after every appointment, and laundered in accordance with proper regulations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, anytime.


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