It’s amazing how life evolves.  I always imagined attending an art school to pursue that passion of mine.  After looking into a few schools, I realized that type of art wasn’t what I wanted to do as my career.  I have always had an interest in skin care and decided to become an esthetician.  Waxing, to me, is an art form.  It is, in its own unique way, another artistic outlet for me.  There is so much precision and care to detail that goes into body waxing, that for me is so fun!  I feel blessed to be able to share my artistic passion into what I do through waxing.   I offer Body Waxing & Brow Tinting services, with a ‘No Tipping’ policy.   I use latex-free gloves during all of my services, both for your safety as well as mine.  For everyone’s safety I never double dip my wax sticks, and use a new stick for each wax application.  My products are organic, natural, and some even local.  Our skin is our largest organ, therefore we want to put the most pure ingredients on it and treat our skin with care.

Let me take care of you in a way I love,




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