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LIP  :  20     Upper lip of mouth. Can include bottom lip line as well, just let me know at your appointment.

CHIN  :  20     Chin area.

SIDES  :  20     Sides of face,  both cheeks.  Does not include chin.

NAPE  :  20     Back of hairline, back of the neck area.

NECK  :  20     Front of the neck, below chin area.

BROWS  :  30     Shaping of both brows.

BROW TINTING  :  20     Tint will last about 6 weeks and will slowly fade over this timeframe.  Many clients will refresh tint within 3-6 weeks.

FULL FACE  :  70     Brows, Lip, Chin and Sides.  Save $20 with this combination.

UNDERARMS  :  30     Both underarms.

ARMS  :  40     Both arms, from shoulders to fingers (or less if you prefer).

NAVEL  :  20     Hairs around navel area, to top of bikini line.  Included with all bikini services.  Can be a free add-on.

BASIC BIKINI  :  40     About an inch inside the panty line and top of bikini.

EXTENDED BIKINI  :  50     In more than a basic bikini.  Does not include labia or Tail Feathers.

BRAZILIAN  :  60     Cleanup of your choice on the front (Basic or Extended) with Tail Feathers included.  Labia area not included in this wax.

SPHINX  :  70     All bikini hairs removed.  You can choose to leave a strip or shape of your choice if you prefer.  Labia & Tail Feathers included.

MINI SPHINX  :  40     May be the service of someone who has had laser hair removal in the bikini area and would like a full sphinx, and has very sparse hair growth to wax.

TAIL FEATHERS  :  30     The backside hairs, between the cheeks.  Brazilian and Sphinx prices include this service already.

LOWER LEGS  &  KNEES  :  40     Both legs, from toes to a few inches above knees.

THIGHS  &  BASIC BIKINI  :  50     Both thighs, includes knees & bikini line.

FULL LEGS  &  BASIC BIKINI  :  90     Both legs, from toes to bikini line.

BACK  &  SHOULDERS  :  70     Entire back, includes shoulders/upper arms and nape area.

FINGERS, TOES, NAVEL [add-ons]  :  FREE    With any service – just let me know at your appointment.



BROW TINTING                      3 – 6 WEEKS

FACE  &  UNDERARMS        2 – 4 WEEKS

LEGS  &  BIKINI                        3 – 5 WEEKS

BACK  &  SHOULDERS        3 – 6 WEEKS



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