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Waxing is a form of hair removal.  Properly done, this process removes unwanted hair by the root, leaving your skin smooth and hair free for a period of time.  Regular waxing is necessary to achieve the full benefits.  In time you will experience fewer hairs growing back, which will allow your waxing sessions to be less painful and your skin to be even smoother.


If you have dark, deep-rooted hairs that you would like to be less abundant, thinner and softer, with regular waxing you can receive these lasting results.  Waxing is great even if you just have peach fuzz hairs that you would prefer not to have.  Regular waxing trains the hair not to grow back as abundantly or as thick.  Follicles eventually give up growing replacement hairs after repeated waxing.


You will get the best waxing results by waxing regularly.  After you’ve been waxed several times you will be able to gauge your hair cycles and see what time frame is best for you.  On average, I recommend my clients rebooking every three to six weeks.  Once you have been waxing for a while you will experience a slowdown of your hair growth and you can wait even longer in between waxing appointments.  Hair growth cycles are different for each person, so it is important to notice when your hairs become long enough to wax again.  It is important not to let all your hairs grow back in before waxing.  As soon as your hairs are long enough you can wax again.


No.  The myth that hairs grow back thicker, more abundant and darker after waxing is completely untrue.  Your hairs will never grow back in darker than your natural hair color from any waxing service.  In areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight, such as your forearms, it can seem like the hairs grow back darker after waxing.  But that is because the original hairs had time to lighten from sunlight exposure.  Wax services help to lessen, minimize and thin your hairs.  It does nothing to affect hair color.


On average, you will need at least two weeks of hair growth before being able to wax successfully.  The hairs need to be long enough to adhere to the wax in order to be removed properly by the roots.  If the hair is too short you run the risk of hairs either breaking or not coming out at all.


If you want to enjoy the full benefits to waxing, it is best not to shave in between waxing appointments.  To experience what waxing has to offer, I recommend you choosing to only wax.


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